Property Rates In Neral

Neral has observed a great transformation regarding infrastructure and real estate development. Today Neral is on the road to becoming a popular location for realty with upcoming Neral properties. The rise of commercial and top Neral property projects by major developers is on the cards for the town with a host of proposed infrastructural developments with upcoming Neral properties in the works.


Neral is one of the quickest developing neighbourhoods in Mumbai. It falls under the Karjat Tehsil region. The government of Maharashtra has great infrastructure and real estate development plans for Neral Properties. The same has been the reason for rise in a host of Neral Properties. The proposed development is what makes Investing in Neral Properties an ideal place to invest.

Neral properties are generally affordable and due to the town being located away from the metropolitans, The average price range of Neral Properties is universally affordable and you can easily find a home within your budget while looking for the ideal Neral Property.

Neral Properties are on the rise due to a host of infrastructure developments planned by the government. Puranik City Neral is an upcoming digital township and is one of the most sought after Neral Properties to purchase in Neral. Neral Properties by Puranik City is equipped with a host of amenities and facilities making it one of the profitable Neral Properties for investment in Maharashtra.

Latest price movement in Neral is a good indicator for investors or end-users on the direction where the property market in Beyond Thane is moving. It is important to understand such trends about the price of properties in Neral so that buyers and investors can identify the right time to buy or sell.

The start price of Neral Properties is Rs. 300 per sqft and the average price of properties in Neral is Rs. 2,985 per sqft. Price trend recommends both buying properties for sale and selling properties in Neral in Beyond Thane is profitable at the moment. Rates of Neral properties have risen 5.81% in the last 1 year.