Top Factors That Make Puranik City Neral A Worthy Residential Investment

Neral is one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods near Mumbai. It is located in the Karjat Tehsil and is surrounded by leafy slopes and lush plant life. Matheran, a popular hill station, is only 8 kilometres away. The fast-paced life of a city quickly tires an individual, especially if it is one’s place of residence. Add to that the exorbitant cost and confined living areas, you long for harmony and a slower pace of life. As a result, people relocate to remote areas in search of their own private space.

Neral is one of the most popular towns near Mumbai, with numerous real estate opportunities.

This makes it a desirable location for many individuals to purchase a home, but most people are unsure of the amenities offered by the city. Here are a few justifications for purchasing Puraniks City Neral:


Affordability Is The Primary Factor:

Neral is a beautiful town nestled in the lush greens of Karjat-Tehsil, with proximity to Matheran. Investing in developing locations always proves to be beneficial and one can also own affordable homes. Puraniks City Neral offers you comfortable 1 BHK in Neral and 2 BHK in Neral with great amenities for residents of all ages. The project in just 19 lakhs, gives you the best rental yields as Neral oversees a bright future with regards to real estate and will only continue to be a budget-friendly location for your dream home investments. 


Connectivity Is A Boon Here:

While investing in property the location and ways to get there are the most vital essentials. It is always an added advantage if your property is located amidst a great location and helps you navigate and commute to your place of choice seamlessly. Well if Neral being on the outskirts is your concern, worry not. Puraniks City Neral’s location helps you connect to Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Pune with absolute ease. One can find these locations nearby: 


-Neral Railway Station – 5 km

-Matheran – 10 Km

-Mumbai – 1-2 Hrs 

-Thane – 57 Kms 

-Panvel Airport – 1 Hr 18 mins 

-Lonavala – 1 hour 


Convenience and Community Building:

Puranik City Neral provides you with this opportunity to live amidst the best of conveniences which is why it is regarded as one of the best Neral Properties. This project offers its residents a plethora of amenities in addition to the premium specifications found in almost every home in Mumbai. The project offers residents a children’s play area, meditation area, senior citizens corner, swimming pool, library, a well-equipped clubhouse, separate basketball and tennis courts, a landscaped garden, and 24-hour security to make life a seamless experience. The project boasts amenities like these which contribute to the factor of community living. Puraniks City Neral has every facility for residents of all ages, making it the perfect place to stay for families residing in these flats in Neral.


Great Social Infrastructure|

At Puraniks City Neral, one is liable for easy access to every essential service. One can find the best healthcare facilities, educational institutions, business hubs, and tourist destinations in proximity to the township. Top schools and colleges like SSES College, Matheran Valley Institute, and Kawthewadi School are all located within the 10 km bracket of the project. Furthermore, commercial hubs like Badlapur MIDC and Ambernath MDC both are located around 14 and 24 km respectively. The top hospitals around namely Primary Health Centre, Sai Hospital, and Kshitij Hospital are located at 3.8 km, 3.9 km, and 5.6 km respectively. 


All this and more are some of the top factors one must consider when investing in such a lucrative Neral Property at Puraniks City Neral. Wide-spread amenities and the availability of every necessity right amidst the township with amazing connectivity options is what makes investing in these flats for sale in Neral a profitable purchase.  

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